7 Facebook Marketing Tips You Should Keep

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It doesn’t matter what type of website you run or business you have, you need to market on Facebook. There are social-icon-facebookmany Facebook marketing tips out there, but there are seven that you must implement. With that said, below are 7 Facebook marketing tips that you should try.

Entice Facebook Users To Become Fans

You want to entice people to become your fan, and this means you need to give them a good reason to hit that like button. There are a number of ways you can entice people, but the best way to do it is by offering them something for free. For example, if people hit the like button and become your fan on Facebook, then provide them with an eBook or a newsletter and things of that nature.

Post Relevant Content Often

Posting relevant content often is a great way to establish yourself as an expert or to get your name out there. What you want to do is post content that is related to your niche and these posts don’t have to be full-on articles, as they can simply be tips, advice, links to relevant articles and so forth. As for how often you should post, you should do it 3-6 times per day, 5-6 days per week.

Run Contests Once A Month

One of the best marketing tips to take into consideration is in regards to running contests. You should run contests solely for your Facebook followers and you can do this once per month. Be creative with your contests because your fans will get used to you running monthly contests and they will stick around, as well as spread the word, which can help you grow your page. Try to hold your contests around the same time every month, as this could end up generating the best results.

Ask For For Feedback

All too often people do not ask their fans on Facebook for feedback, because they are afraid of receiving negative feedback. If you are serious about marketing on Facebook, then ask for feedback, and make sure you don’t delete negative feedback because others will notice this and they may think there is a reason for you deleting it. Ask your fans for feedback in regards to products they bought from you or what they think of a new article you posted or if they like the new product you have just released and things of that nature.

Create Videos For Your Facebook Page

Out of the 7 Facebook marketing tips, this one is one of the most important ones, as it can yield impressive results. Try to publish a video once per week, and the video you create should be relevant to your niche and they should be short and straight to the point, as well as engaging. You can be as creative as you want with your videos, but the key is to post new videos a few times per month, and encourage others to share your videos. When you do this, you increase your chances of getting more views and more fans.

Also,  each video should stick to one topic and one topic only. Asides from that, make eye contact with the camera and speak directly to your audience, as this will make your videos more personable. In turn, this will increase your popularity and increase your chances of making more sales and getting new customers.
Host A Q/A via A Post

Once a month you can host a Q & A via a post, as this will entice people to become active on your page. Make sure you clarify that the questions that are asked are related to your niche and business, and do your best to answer every single relevant question that is asked. Your fans will notice you doing this and this will increase your chances of growing your following, which means you will have more people to market your services and products to.

Publish Photos To Your Page

The final tip you want to take into consideration is in regards to photos. You want to post and share original photos and you should do it often. If you find it difficult to post relevant photos, then share other people’s photos of quotes and funny memes and things like that. These photos may not be relevant, but people may end up sharing your photos, and the more people who share it, the better your chances are you will increase the size of your fan base.

The above 7 Facebook marketing tips should help you out. Don’t be afraid to try other tips out. However, before you try other tips, make sure you do the above ones first because they tend to be some of the best ones to do. If you implement those tips, then you should have success with marketing on Facebook.

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