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Google adwords is a term that is easily heard in the sphere of internet marketing. However, it is easy to perceive that not most people are actually aware of what is Google Adwords. By definition, the Google adwords are the ads that show up along the search queries made in Google. Naturally, these advertising displays that Google will show depend on the keywords entered. That means the choice and placement of the adwords is determined by the relevance of the company advertised to the search made.

Of course, as an advertising service, Google adwords are not free like the natural results produce through Google search. As a matter of fact, the simple answer now to the question; what is Google Adwords, is Google’s main source of revenue. It is offered as pay-per-click, that is, CPC or cost-per-click, cost-per-thousand-impressions or cost-per-mile-advertising.

It may also be site-targeted advertising for text, banner and rich-media ads. Furthermore, Google’s adwords program involves local, national as well as international distribution. The text advertisements usually consist of a 25 character headline along with two 35-character additional text lines. On the other hand, image ads can come in one of the different standard sizes set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

To further understand what is Google Adwords, perhaps it is better to understand its history. It started with the original idea invented by Bill Gross. He is an entrepreneur from Idealab who borrowed the idea from the model of Yellow Pages. Google wanted to buy the idea but it was not easy for a deal to be agreed upon by the two parties.

So, Google came up with their form of advertisement with a model that has a significant similarity to that of Gross’s. When Adwords became their solution in 2000, it was inevitable that legal action got in the middle of Google and Gross. However, the dispute was soon settled out of court.

At first, advertisers would pay monthly fees for adwords. Google would then be in charge of handling the setup and management of their campaign. Eventually, the Adwords self-service portal was introduced for small businesses and advertisers who wanted to be in control of their campaigns instead of depending on Google.

Then other developments were made to further accommodate varying needs including the free telephone support; Google Jumpstart program and in 2005, the Google Advertising Professional (GAP) program. The latter presents a certification for those who have gone under training and passed an exam for Google Adwords. Of course, what is Google Adwords but a science of great complexity? In fact, some advertisers even require a professional consultant to help them. Despite its complexity though, it is clear that Google Adwords is a significant element in online marketing.

With that, it should be easier to grasp the idea as to what is Google Adwords. It is one of the most valued means of advertising in the modern business world, especially when search engine optimization is not such an easy task to accomplish for everyone.

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