Digital Marketing Facts that Are Worth Learning

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Digital marketingAnyone who is involved in the business industry in this modern age will surely know what great buzz internet marketing has created. All over the world, anything from a small scale business to medium sized enterprises and big corporations are making every effort to make sure that they are taking the most effective measures to be on the lead of the natural search engine results. If you are new to the industry and are still not quite as informed of the significance of internet marketing, perhaps you should read on through these internet marketing facts to learn more.

1. Rely On Quality Content – On an average, over a quarter of a marketer’s budget is allocated to its content marketing effort. The challenge therein is to create relevant content that are interesting and informative. Quality content is therefore the primary objective but quantity is also given some weight. In any case, internet marketing facts show that bad content must be avoided at all costs which is why it is important for marketers to sell their products and services effectively.

2. Email Marketing – According to recent studies, emails being opened through smartphones and tablets have increased dramatically over the last six months alone. Specifically, the numbers have increased over 80%. This should be an easy indicator for a business owner to have a website that is outfitted for views through mobile devices. It is one way to flex according to the audience’s needs.

3. Blogging – Another one of the most interesting internet marketing facts is that the possibility of a blog to influence a purchase is 63% higher than that of a magazine. Naturally, this is in the condition that the content of the blog is compelling.

In any case, a blog feels less like an ad which is something that does not really make most consumers want to buy a product or service these days. Majority of the respondents of this particular study actually say that they rather get to know companies through articles rather than ads. Furthermore, custom content makes them feel positive about a company.

4. Presentation Of Your Content – There is a 94% difference in views between articles that have images and those that do not. Clearly, the visual presentation is still a great factor in capturing the audience’s attention these days and that is probably how it always will be. As a matter of fact, even Facebook is a testament to this, whereas, posts with images result to more user engagement than any other posts.

5. Content length – As a last example of the internet marketing facts you can use, the top ten results for any keywords on Google have an average content length of 2000 words. It is clear that the higher the number, the more likely it is that a website can top the results for its targeted keywords. The study actually saw the leads having more than 2400 words in average content length.

These few cited internet marketing facts should somehow be of great use for you and your attempts at using the World Wide Web for your business’s marketing efforts.

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