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The big questions going around lately is what about social media? How does it compare to Paying Per Click for advertising or Google search.

It’s never been easier to know where your dollars are best spent. Tracking where your visitors click when they come to your website is one thing but knowing and being able to compare how a Google visitor uses your website compared to a visitor from Facebook, LinkedIn or twitter.

Here are a few ways that our software can assist you in determining your online success.

Monitoring Individual Links

Google analytics can’t identify how many times an individual link has been clicked if the same link appears multiple times on the page.

Our click viewer shows which EXACT link was used to navigate through your website. This information is crucial to knowing which links are working best for you, and which links aren’t.

tracking seo

How Different Visitors Act

This is probably the greatest visual tool available ANYWHERE and fantastic for boardroom discussions. Every visitor to your website uses your website differently depending on how they got there or where they’re from. This section not only allows you to view colour coded indicators on your website of who went where but also what your best traffic sources are by way of user interaction.

We can track users clicks by:

  • New and Returning visitors and what exact links they click on when they arrive.
  • What individual referring website visitors click on when they view your website.
  • Which search terms were used and where each visitors clicked when they arrived on our website.
  • Track how different search engines result in different visitors clicking various links.
  • What Countries visitors are from and what content within your website each clicked through to.
  • We can also track visitors to your website clicking on links using desktop computers, tablets, on what operating system, what day of the week and even what time of day.


tracking visitors

Viewing Users Behavior

View what the best positions on your webpage are. With this tool we can view what your website visitors are seeing the most. The lighter colours indicate what the majority of your visitors are scrolling down the page to view the most. The darker colours indicate information that’s not commonly read.

In this example you would want to move all your best links / video etc into the light yellow areas of the page where visitors are currently viewing.

visitor scrolling

This webpage has a “Join our newsletter” form in the most viewed section of this page. It’s important to know that the visitors your getting are actually viewing the right content.

Compare Mobile Users VS Desktop Computers

Compare how visitors see your website on mobile devices and interact with your website VS visitors to your website using a standard desktop computer. Mobile devices are a huge sector of website views so it pays to know how they use the website on tablets.

With over 5000 visitors to your website being on Mobile devices & Tablets it’s important to optimise your pages to suit all users. We can now monitor compare how each type of visitor sees your content and make sure the right content is viewed by everyone.

desktop tracking

tracking mobile devices


Our ability to track visitor interaction on any specific page is now second to none. Technology has improved dramatically over the past few years and not just in webpage tracking but in many other areas of Internet Marketing, Is your internet marketing up to date?.

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