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Don’t you get excited when you have something new to share with your audience? Something that you know will interest them. This applies to content creation as well. You might not really see the different of waiting for the right time as to publishing it as soon as you get a go signal from your seniors but timing is essential. There are two things that could happen the moment that you have that ready to go content.

Real Time Publishing

This one goes Real time. You publish what you write as soon as you have it finished. This is the best option that you have when you want to establish transparency and when you have been consistently publishing content real time. This is the option to choose when you know that you have the time and that you will dedicate time on a regular basis to post content. This is also what you do with your social media updates because you want to continuously provide news and updates to your followers.

Timely and thrilling

This is how you do content dissemination when you want to build excitement about an important event or content that you will soon publish. This ensures that you already have an audience looking forward to the news or the amazing content that you will publish. You should be very careful in this type of content because you don’t want make them anticipate for something not worthy of it.

Another thing that you have to make sure is that you follow it through. Do not make exciting and mysterious updates without revealing them later on. There might be a lot of things that could influence this type of content publication but you have to make sure that you update your followers about it and to let them know if there would be any delays.

Content marketing sounds like an easy task but honestly, it is not. Writing content can be done by everybody but creating content that would become a huge part of your business because of the impact it has brought on to the company is not everybody’s forte. There are different ways as to how people can write content and different venues to publish them. Some may be capable of creating like-worthy status posts while some are well-known for lengthy but worth reading blog posts. No matter where you seem to be excelling, creativity plays an integral part.

Creating great content needs to be entertaining, interesting and attention grabbing. No one is born with all the skills and talents of a writer. But writing is one craft that can be learned. It can be honed through practice and continued review of output. Now the problem that arises concerns the time. Content doesn’t always come up when needed. They often need inspiration and dedication which are not always around. Creating a single blog post can take hours to make while a status post a few minutes to an hour to be carefully constructed.

Aside from the usual blocks of creating content such as time and the right ambiance to let ideas flow, there is also this one thing that writers do not like to encounter often: Creative block.

It’s easy to expect that when all that you do all your life is to create content then creating content is already easy for you. It does come easy with time but not too easy that every breath means every idea flows. It may be easier through time but every time is still as challenging as the first.

So how can you get your brain to start working in “Writer mode”?

Take your time. Do not rush yourself into writing something when you are not in the mood. Ideas flow when you least expect them and if they do come, then that’s the time that you should start writing.

It’s good to have a deadline but make sure that you have enough time to write before the said deadline. It’s good to follow a schedule but be flexible.

Do not force yourself to write 10 pages long of content in one sitting if you know you are not even capable of writing a 1000 word article in a day. Be realistic. You know your limits. It’s good to try to exceed your limitations but know that you might not be able to do so.

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