Succeeding On Social Media: 7 Facebook Marketing Tips With Really High Payoffs

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Let’s face it, you must be on social media these days, to really be competitive. The most visible and populated platform is unquestionably Facebook, so that’s where your business belongs. Here are 7 Facebook marketing tips to help you succeed on social media.

1. Encourage People To Become Real Fans Of Your Facebook

While “likes” are very important to your Facebook campaign, it’s also vital that the people you draw in have good reasons to visit and therefore, keep coming back. The image you present to the social media world should be an exciting one and include more than just a daily update or weekly flyer.
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While staying in tune with your brand, fill your Facebook pages with fun things that don’t necessarily equate with more sales. In other words: Not everything you do on social media has to be intended for business.

People tend to return to pages they find interesting, amusing and can relate to. For example, a live question and answer session where real people from your company solve real problems of the general public. Something like that engages, teaches and fosters brand loyalty.

2. Use Facebook To Convert Fans Into Customers

Whatever brought a person to your Facebook page, your ultimate goal is to turn them into a loyal customer. Give them something back when they “like” a certain post, such as a free trial or sample. Doing this for first time customers is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition and show users that it pays to be a fan of your pages.

3. Tie Everything On Your Pages Directly To Your Brand

While you should always have a lot going on with your Facebook, nearly every word should stay in tune with your branding. For example, you wouldn’t want to ever include a questionable meme that could offend people, because every pair of eyes that finds your profile could be a customer. Be tasteful, tactful and respectful, even when including links to other pages and current news events.

It’s also important to monitor the comments on your pages, to ensure that foul language doesn’t make it through, or that nobody is using your profile to vent about off-topic situations. Your brand image is too important not to orchestrate every word that finds its way to your pages.

4. Don’t Underestimate The Value Of Pictures

The photos you post will be small in your posts, but a lot of visitors “click to enlarge”. Use pictures to show off new products, new people in your company or even the new puppy in your household. People tend to gravitate toward pictures, so including them improves your user experience. It also gives them more to remember you by, as memory is often connected by pictures.

5. Run Contests On Your Facebook Page

Few things involve your fan and customer base more than a contest. In fact, you can draw in a lot of newcomers when you advertise a contest, for the simple fact that people like to win! You start with a third-party app for the contest, running a sweepstakes, photo contest or maybe a best video competition.

The only limit to the different contests you can run is your imagination and the more you do them, the better you will become. For example, people love their pets, so you could very successfully advertise a prettiest (or even ugliest) dog or cat contest. Nicest car, biggest organic garden, largest comic book collection, etc. etc. Try and tie the competition to your brand, but also use the occasion to draw new fans in and to get people talking about your company.

6. Avail Yourself To Tools That Measure Your Success

Marketing on Facebook is both an art and a science and as such, has many tools to help you figure out what you are doing correctly and what you might be doing wrong. Become familiar with these tools and look for more of them off-site.

Some tools are free while others might charge a one-time free or subscription. Check the reviews carefully for each product before you commit to anything, making sure that other Facebook marketing professionals have had good results and find the seller worthy of trust.

7. Tap Into Current Events To Attract New Likes, Friends And Customers

At any given moment, there are a million things going on in the outside world. News articles are shared and passed along to friends in the social media world quickly, and you can tap into these viral trends. Any topic that somehow relates to your brand, products and services or the everyday lives of your customers should be taken advantage of. For example, if you sell automotive items and Jay Leno bought the world’s most expensive antique car, post a picture of it.
Sometimes it works when the content doesn’t relate to your brand, too, because everyone reading your pages happens to be a human being, so include things that have universal appeal, are poignant to everyone and make people think twice. These are the things most likely to go viral, for the simple fact that everyone can relate to them.

Bonus Tip: Beyond these 7 Facebook marketing tips, time management may be a key issue for you. After all, keeping up with social media can be time-consuming and it’s an easy thing to forget about in the middle of a busy day. If you can’t designate an employee to handle all the aspects of your Facebook marketing account, set aside a specific time when you check-in yourself. Tell your audience you stop by every day around that time, so they know their comments and questions will be addressed.

Use these 7 Facebook marketing tips to kick start your presence on social media or to reignite your old campaign efforts. Facebook is used by over a billion people and your business can benefit from reaching out to them.

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