The Impact Of Penguin 2.1 On Google Rankings

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Google has released a series of updates that they have named Penguin, and these updates have made a big impact on the SEO community. Even though Google officials say that they only affect a very small percentage of search listings, they always seem to have a larger impact on sites that have been professional optimized to get high rankings.

Objectively, it is hard to say if these updates actually improve search engine rankings. There is no rule that says optimized websites are worse than non-optimized websites. In fact, it would be very possible to make an argument that site owners who take the time to try and optimize their websites for search also pay attention to many other factors that make websites better.

Regardless, it appears to be against Google’s terms of service to try to manipulate search ranks. Google wants their natural search to really be natural. While they will probably never reach that goal, they can certainly scare webmasters into playing a few less games with their onsite and offsite ranking factors.

How is Google 2.1 treating your website? If you purchased a lot of links, used the same anchor text to link to those sites, or used your keyword on your website too many times, you might have been affected.

Since the algorithm and the updates are carefully guarded secrets, it is not easy to tell exactly what steps might have resulted in a loss of rankings during this latest Penguin 2.1 update. However, SEO’s are professionals who study the rankings to try and determine what works and what doesn’t work.

Most experts advise website owners to avoid overusing keyword anchor text, spamming keywords on their sites, and getting links from low-quality websites in order to maintain rankings. These steps might be prudent ways to avoid Penguin update problems.

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