The Truth About Google Hummingbird

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In September 2013 Google released their most sweeping algorithm today, the Google Hummingbird. It alters the results we get when we search for things in Google. Apparently the name was chosen as a Hummingbird is both precise as well as fast which are qualities necessary in returning search results.

Basically, up to now when you put some words in to the search bar, Google would return results based on the individual words searched for. Google Hummingbird has changed that. Now it focusses on the meaning behind the words too and while it is paying attention to each individual word, the whole phrase or meaning is taken into account more.

Also, because Hummingbird pays more attention to the whole phrase or sentence searched for, it will access far more pages than if it only paid attention to individual words. In other words while before it was interested in individual words, now it wants to group the context of the phrase together and bring back results for their meaning.

Google is convinced that Hummingbird will improve our search results. For example, if you did a search for sore throat prescription, it would have come up with a list of lots of drugs. Now, after this huge algorithm change, it will bring back results that will have information about treatment of sore throats in general and also include whether you need drugs for this.

Another example is that if you did a search for Domino’s Pizza calories per slice it would bring back results but not necessarily from Domino’s Pizza. Now the results of the search will bring back pages from Domino’s Pizza. This is a great example of how Hummingbird will improve our search results.

Google Hummingbird hopefully will live up to its expectations and improve our daily search results.

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