Top 7 SEO Tips For Profitable Results

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Creating and running a profitable business on the web can be very simple if you know what to do. Part of the simplicity of making money has to do with the quality of traffic that you are able to receive. Many people that have large budgets will start right away with paper click traffic, targeting specific keywords.

content marketingOthers will use Facebook and target particular categories of individuals that are interested in certain topics, hoping to generate more sales. However, this type of advertising can become extremely expensive if you are trying to market a product or service that has never been tested before.

Even if you are targeting an Evergreen market where people are likely to purchase virtually any product that is released, which would include weight loss products, how to make money, or travel products, you still need to test the advertisements and landing pages that you are using to find out which ones work best.

Instead of spending the thousands of dollars that it will typically cost in order to determine which marketing the strategy will work best for your company, you might want to consider using search engine optimization as your primary source for generating targeted traffic that can help take your business to the next level. Here are the top 7 SEO tips that you can use in order to generate the most profitable results for your business, regardless of what you are selling.

Top 7 SEO Tips

SEO & Google Friendly Websites

Focus your website, making sure that it is properly search engine optimized. This means that you will have to use a template or theme that is going to be easy to navigate, not only by people that are visiting, but also by the search engine spiders.

The easier it is for these search engine bots to come to your website and index all of your material, the faster you will find your way to the top of the search engines for your chosen keywords, especially those that are the most profitable.Google friendly websites

Unique Content Throughout Your Website

Use content that is absolutely unique, or at the very least, is partially curated. If you are using content that other people have used, it is likely already indexed in the search engines and your chances of reaching the top for your particular keywords is going to be very minimal.

That’s why paying someone to write excellent content for your website is a good choice, or you can do this on your own. It is recommended that your main page have at least 1000 words, and your secondary pages have a minimum of 500 words, all of which is uniquely written by a professional or yourself.

Authority Linking

Make sure that you are linking out to authority websites that are similar to your own. You should use a keyword in the hyperlinked text that is exactly the keyword that you are trying to rank for, targeting the website that is in the top position.

By doing so, it will appear to the search engine algorithms that you are trying to provide as much relevant content is possible for visitors that will find your website. Once you have done this for each of your webpages, especially your main page, you will have a higher probability of ranking higher in the serps.

Interlinking Web Pages

Interlinking and this pertains to pages that you have already published that are similar to one another. If you are using a silo structure, a website that is broken down into different categories, you should link together the posts and pages that you have published that are similar in nature.

This will help you in the indexing process, and by connecting all of this content together, it gives you a higher probability of ranking for not just your main keywords, but secondary keywords that are part of the content, allowing you to generate even more traffic.

Your Backlink Strategy

Get links from other websites that are pointing to your main page and the secondary pages that you have published. These links should come from places like Facebook, blogs that are indexed on Google, and even article directories.

Google and other search engines are looking for some indication that your website is popular and links is the way that they are able to make this determination. Once you have set up several hundred links, and you have done so over an extended period of time to make it look as natural as possible, this can work to your benefit to improve your rankings.

Using Videos In Your Marketing Campaign

Use videos that will be embedded into the content that you are publishing, specifically videos that you have made. You can also use videos that others have already published that are ranking for the same keywords, but it seems that personal videos that are directly linked to your website are the ones that help your ranking the most.

You can get this code after you have uploaded your video to YouTube or one of the other video sharing sites and add it to each post and page that you make. This will ensure that you will have the link juice that will come from these videos, allowing you to move higher in the search engine listings.

Publish Image Rich Content

The seventh and final strategy involves using images which are related to the content you are publishing on your website. If you are discussing weight loss, then you should have images that are about losing weight, not just random images such as squirrels or puppies.

The more relevant your content is, including the videos and images that you use, the more likely it is that Google and other search engines will recognize that you are worthy of having the highest possible position on the search engines and you will benefit from all of this free traffic using these top 7 SEO tips.

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