Why Use Search Engine Optimisation When I Can Buy Clicks / Google Adwords?

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One of the first things that you will notice about Pay Per Click advertising is that once you stop paying, the visitors stop coming. Obviously if you are paying $1 per person but making $300 profit per product sold to every 10th person then you aren’t about to turn off this stream of traffic. Of course if you were getting those visitors for free, it would be another $10 in your pocket or another 3% profit on your bottom line.

In some cases, we have worked with companies where the cost of their clicks and overheads was eating up their profit to the point where even with hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, they weren’t making any bankable profit at the end of the month!

So what is the point that I’m making?

PPC is a useful tool but why not put some effort into getting those visitors for free? Not to mention that they continue to come long after the initial work is done and by building on it, you can increase the numbers greatly. All you need to do is keep building on your work.

By using a search engine optimisation specialist company like Promote, not only do you get the work of a specialist but it leaves you free to carry on your business as usual and deal with the new business your website will be creating. SEO maintenance plans provide ongoing adjustments and tracking of your rankings, link building and up to date advice.

Success on Google is all about search engine optimisation, and other traffic building techniques… If you don’t set your site up so that Google can index it properly for the product or services you are promoting, it may be very difficult to show up in the first page of results unless you are selling an obscure item like “fur hats for pigeons”.

We consider SEO the most important step, after good site design, towards success online. If you understand how to increase your visitors, you can increase your sales. It’s a simple mathematical formula – more people in, more $ out. If you don’t understand how to increase your visitors, then you bring a team like to crew at Promote Search Engine Marketing in to take care of it for you.

By preparing your site for the search engines, you increase your chances of getting high rankings. Fixing metatags like your titles (what shows up in the blue bar at the very top of your browser window) and descriptions is one step that helps you to show up for a wider range of searches. It is also important to target every page towards one topic so that you don’t give the search engine mixed messages. For example, if your site is about dogs, don’t start a page talking about dog collars and finish up talking about cat collars. If you desperately need to talk about cat collars, make a new page and just link off your dog collars page.

If you don’t know about these things or have someone on staff who does, you can contract Promote to do it all for you. Its hard to keep up with everything that is going on online so don’t… hire a professional team for much less than the cost of giving your staff basic training in SEO not to mention we have been selling online since 1996.

We suspect that you could answer this one yourself. Almost everyone you meet will tell you that when they look for something online, they ‘Google’ it. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also look at optimising your site for the other search engines but in many cases, what you do for Google, will also get you high rankings in the others.

At the moment, Google is the king of search engines and for the foreseeable future it will continue to be. This is why it is worth spending time concentrating on optimising your website for this search engine first. Statistically Google gets around 66% of all search traffic and the rest is split between the rest.

In most cases, our clients see little traffic from other search engines at first but after a time it grows to about 25% from MSN Live and Yahoo.  This is why we spend so much of our time studying googles nuances and how we can apply it to our search engine optimisation work. Google makes little changes but overall if you approach your website methodically, you can get great rankings across a range of keywords.

Best of all, the work you do for Google will help you right across the board with the thousands of other search engines worldwide. Remember though that normally, Google will determine your location from information on your website so you are more likely to show up highly in the local Google than Google.com (unless you are in the US).

Get Google… and they will get you to the world!

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