Why You Need An SEO Company

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When you first launch your web site that is selling a product you sit back and wait for the customers to come flooding in. Then you wait some more, and as the days pass by you haven’t received one order. What is wrong? You spent a lot of time on the web site design, and as far as you are concerned it is a work of art and very user friendly. So what is the problem? Well you will find some answers below.

How You’ll Be Discovered

Did you consider how customers would find your site? You cannot just launch a site and expect to be found straight away. First of all you need the major search engines to find your site before anything will happen, and you do this by visiting Google, Bing and Yahoo and entering your site. However, that is the old way of doing it, the easiest way is to use a sitemap generator and submit the XML file, or if you use WordPress or some other well-known script, they will all have free plugins that do this automatically for you. This tells the search engines your sites content and they will then visit and index the pages. This is where SEO services come in as they will ensure your site does get noticed.

Website Indexing

When a search engine indexes your site it will look for what content it contains and will try to categorize it, then it will decide if it is worth publishing that content on its results pages. If you have limited content on a page then it is most likely that page will be ignored, and if it is one selling a product then no one will ever find it.

Quality Content Is King

You need good quality content on your web site, and more importantly it has to be unique. If it isn’t then the search engines will likely ignore you. As an example, Amazon will be rated number one for a number of products and if you are selling the same thing and use the same manufactures description as the one on Amazon then guess which one will be in the results? Certainly not yours, you need to rewrite the descriptions. Companies that provide SEO services will setup each page so the search engines know exactly what the content is.

Unless you know about search engine optimization then your site will never get on the first page of the search engine results, so it recommend that you use SEO services, at least until your site is established and you have customers.

Imagine that you open up a shop selling handbags and hats in the middle of the Sahara Desert, you have spent a lot of money on this shop stocking it and making it look nice, and now it is all finished you sit back and await your first customer. What is likely to happen? It is obvious really, you are out in the wilderness on your own so no one will find you, and more than likely your business will fail.

This is exactly what happens with the online world, you launch a new site and no one knows you exist, you sit there waiting for business but in reality your business is just fading away along with thousands of others that do nothing to bring in traffic. So how do other businesses manage to succeed where other have failed? Two reasons, they either have very large advertising budgets or they are using an SEO company, and the first one is not usually an option for small business.

Using a good SEO company will not only improve your online visibility by moving your web site up the rankings, but it will also ensure that the pages that do show up in search results have the correct information for the reader to see. All this will mean that your traffic levels increase which will result in more business.

A good SEO Company will also make sure you have good quality backlinks pointing to your site, so you need to check how they plan to do this. What you are looking for is a company that will spread your backlinks far and wide over a variety of web sites, will split them 50/50 over Dofollow and Nofollow sites, and use naked URL’s, keyword phrases, and phrases like. Click Here, and More Information. They must also do all this spread over a long period of time, blasting a load of backlinks to your web site will only damage its rankings.

Always look for reviews of the company by using a search engine, never just give someone your business just because the site looks nice or sounds professional, a lot of SEO companies are still practicing old methods that either no longer work or will get your site penalized.

SEO can make a massive difference to how your site is discovered and at converting traffic into buyers. One thing you should expect from these companies is a detailed weekly report showing you exactly what is going on, your rankings and any movements, backlinks and indexed pages. Do not accept a quick email off them now and again with little information, and if they take a long time responding to your emails change companies, it is that simple.

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