11 Tips For Building 10K New Instagram Followers

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Tips For Building 10K New Instagram Followers

Instagram currently has over 300 million active monthly users globally and is the top photo-sharing community worldwide. If approached correctly, Instagram can be a very powerful marketing tool for businesses.

Studies show that most people are visual learners. This implies that whatever images you post to Instagram, whether they are product promotions, funny, etc., will be understood and retained by most people viewing them.

Instagram provides a wonderful platform for organizations, businesses, and individual marketers to build relationships, interact with clients, and increase revenue through product promotions.

As with any marketing platform, the money is always in the list and Instagram is no exception. Read on to learn more about the top 11 tips for building 10k new Instagram followers.

1.    Hitting Your Base

The easiest and probably the quickest way to build 10k new Instagram followers is by simply announcing it to the base of friends or followers you have on other social media platforms.  You can consider announcing it on Twitter, Facebook, blog/website, email list, YouTube, LinkedIn, and posters/signs. Immediately upon announcing it, you can expect to gain a small follower base that grow with time.

2.    Liking It Up

If you are operating on a shoestring budget, liking it up is the quickest way to build additional followers. You can build thousands of followers in just a matter of weeks by simply doing this. It is exactly as easy as it may sound. All you have to do is like relevant images to your niche and sit back and watch your follower base grow.

You can search hashtags to find relevant listings and then like each image up until the current day under every hashtag. The reason why this method works so well is that you are connecting with like-minded people. Once individuals see brands liking their images, they will usually view their profile, like the images, and follow them. This in turn helps to boost traffic especially if you have an effective website link and profile text.

3.    Hashtags Reign Supreme

If you haven’t figured it out already, hashtags are the best thing on Instagram as well as Twitter. Hashtags help you find and connect with like-minded individuals and brands. They also help others to find you, which is ultimately your goal. Any time that you post an image, ensure that the hashtag associated with it pertains to what you and the image are about.

For instance, if you own an SEO company in Los Angeles, it is a good idea to tag things such as #SEO, #SEOLosAngeles, #SEOServicesLosAngeles, and #SEOExpertsLosAngeles, etc. These hashtags will immediately put your image under each hashtag category and expand additional avenues to followers.

4.    Posting Quality, Engaging Content

When posting to Instagram or any other social media platform for purposes of interaction, it is good to post quality, engaging content. Nobody will ever follow people or brands that fill up their feed with tons of barely acceptable images. People have been known to go on an unfollowing spree for any brand or person that posts too many pictures every day.

When posting images on Instagram, ensure that it is relevant to whatever you do and represent and ensure that it is something that people will enjoy interacting with.

5.    Quality Commenting

On Instagram, likes largely outnumber comments. This means that comments are more highly appreciated than likes. Therefore, if you can just take the time and leave a positive comment on another person or brands picture, chances are high that you will gain a new follower.

6.    Following At Will

Even though it is perfectly fine to have 10k followers while following only 100, it is always a good idea to follow the people that are relevant to your industry. You must always keep in mind that social media is a two-way street. Since people interact with your brand or yourself, it is advisable to do the same.

Through interaction, you are able to expand your circle of influence by following people. For instance, if you are following 100 people and have 10k followers, you are only allowing yourself to keep up with the 100 you are following. However, if you are following 500 people and have 10k followers, you will be opening doors to relationships and interactions with 500 as opposed to 100 previously.  In the end, you will get more interaction on your posts and increase the likelihood of people sharing your posts.

7.    Be A Pro Hash-Tagger

This will take some time. You must first learn about the common hashtags used in your niche. The next thing is to find out about the ones that are effective and the ones that are not. The easiest way to do this is finding out what the pros in your niche are tagging. Find out the hashtags they use to gain thousands of likes and apply the same ones that are applicable to you.

8.    Tagging People

This is probably one of the most effective ways of getting your post shared at once. You need to tag every brand and every individual that is relevant to your post but ensure that you obviously do it with their consent. Once you do this, it will show up on their pages and they will probably repost it and tag you in it. In the end, your promotion will gain quicker traction.

9.    Geo-Tagging

Instagram has an amazing feature of geo-tagging that people love. Fans always love to see where you are at. Once you geo-tag the location of your photo, it helps people keep up with where you are currently and enables you to create a better and more personalized relationship with your followers.

In case you want your location or store to appear on Instagram maps, you will have to register it on Foursquare, which is totally free.

Creating a photo map is important since it creates another dimension to your brands story. Bands have used this feature successfully for sharing photos from the road. With photo maps, the fans of these bands can view photo collections arranged by location.

10.    Posting At The Appropriate Times

After you have the perfect photos, the next important thing is to ensure that you post at the appropriate time. When it comes to social media, timing is critical and this also applies to Instagram. However, posting times are not set in stone and it will be up to you to determine the best posting times for maximum engagement with followers. It is basically something that you have to do by yourself but will pay great dividends once you get the information you need.

11.    Using Filters

Instagram has this amazing feature known as filters. Filters are important since they help you turn regular pictures into works of art that are more appealing and engaging to your followers. Some of the top filters for Instagram are Valencia, Hudson, Hefe, Lo-fi, Amaro, Earlybird, Normal, X-Proll, Rise, and Brannan.


Instagram is the top photo-sharing community in the world with over 300 million active monthly users globally. If you would like a share of these users and gain 10k new followers all you have to do is follow the tips discussed in this article. Please understand that since you are not Halle Berry, it will be impossible to gain 10k Instagram followers overnight. Gaining such a huge number of followers takes much work, time, and dedication. However, in the end it will all be worth it. If you have not included Instagram to be part of your social media marketing methods, use the tips discussed above to gain 10k+ new followers and build your brand.

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